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Adhesive labels

The label that transmits the brand image of the product and it is for that reason that in ADCO we personalize any labelling need using a wide range of materials through different technology combinations and with different finishes.
We understand that constant innovation is paramount: aromatic labels, soft touch labels, electrostatic labels, iridescent labels, thermo-chromatic labels...
Being a reference in the production of labels for a bottles of wine, cava and liquors.

Adhesive Label Manufacturer


This system achieves a greater lineal impact as it completely or partially covers the container, fitting any shape or size container.
In addition, it offers more communication space and design, with a printing in showy colours and different finishes.
It is perfect to make promotions and product launches as it allows to group together different objects of a range.

Sleeve Label Factory

Etiquetas con adhesivo hidrosoluble
Etiquetas con materiales 100% reciclados
Etiquetas con papel de caña de azúcar
Etiquetas biodegradables
Etiquetas hechas de papel mineral

Promotional labels

Double label
Outside the product label
Envelope label
Reversible label
Pack label
Small book label
Post it label
Scratch off label
Loyalty label
Electrostatic label
Lenticular label
Scented label
Luminescent label
Thermochromatic label
Interactive label

Security labels

Void label
Ultra Destructible labels
Security hologram labels
Certificate of authenticity label
Opening seal label
Easy open

In addition to more solutions in
cardboard, ribbon, flexible packaging envelopes (sachets), neutral labels, etc.

Adhesive label quality