ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas
ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas


Our commitment to innovation is constant : aromatic labels, soft labels, electrostatic, iridescent, thermochromatic labels ...

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ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas


Our challenge is to offer more ecological labels by reinforcing the authenticity of the product and improving its image .

Take care of the ecosystem with eco-labels
ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas

ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas


All our clients deserve to be the most seen , for this reason we offer solutions in promotional labels with: booklet labels, scratch labels, discount coupons, etc.

Protect your image and the image of your product

ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas


Adhesive labels are an effective means of authenticity in security, that is why with our security labels we get:

Avoid manipulation
(due to destructible materials)
Fight against counterfeiting
(it is difficult to reproduce)
Have traceability through
printed information

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ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas

Fabricantes de Etiqueta Sleeve


This system achieves a greater impact on the linear as it completely or partially covers the packaging, adapting to any shape and size .

Discover how to surprise on the linear

ADCO - Etiquetas Adhesivas


The customization in the packaging begins to be a reality, brands seek to differentiate themselves
and this is where creativity and personalization have a great importance on labels .

Given the wide variety of existing products in the linear, we must distinguish ourselves from the rest:
Flexible packaging envelopes (sachets)
Neutral tags

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